About Us

We are the Georgia Tech Entertainment Software Enthusiasts. We are club dedicated to the understanding, discussion, and enjoyment of video games. Every Thursday, at the Georgia Tech College of Computing, we meet to discuss the current events of the gaming industry and all things video games. Come by from 6:00pm to 8:00pm to join in. Of course, we also play games.

This year, ESE President Taj Gillani is joined by 3 officers:
Tyler Mangrum, Spencer Nelson, and Matthew Lichtenstein

Taj Gillani - ESE President

Taj is the President of ESE. His favorite game is Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Tyler Mangrum - ESE Secretary

Tyler is the secretary of ESE. He likes games regardless of platform but mainly plays on PS4. His favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts.


Spencer Nelson - ESE Treasurer

Spencer is the Tresurer of ESE. His favorite game is Dark Souls III.


Matthew Lichtenstein - ESE PR Manager

The PR Manager of ESE. Does things like making posters and managing this website. Nintendo fanboy through and through. His favorite game is Paper Mario.


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